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Product launch
of the application

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The interior design brand VOX, founded in 1989, is one of the leading and most innovative companies from the furniture industry in Poland.


VOX products are created based on the real needs of consumers and the design thinking methodology. VOX is also a nationwide network of interior design stores (160 stores), an online sales platform  and over 1600 employees . 


The VOX company has been focusing on the latest technological solutions for years, which is why it has created VOXBOX. 

An application that helps consumers plan their dream apartment or house step by step . 

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Once the tool was ready, the VOX brand cared about this:  

  • to present them to a wide target group

  • explain its operation in a simple and understandable way

  • on banners, i.e. on graphics with limited dimensions 

  • keeping in mind the consistency with the brand philosophy.

Scope of work

creative concept

key visual

instructional video

digital campaign

The biggest challenge was not only the launch of the VOXBOX tool on the market,
but presenting the possibilities to the consumer in such a way as to encourage him to experiment on his own.

The creative concept we have prepared "Create a place"
and key visual:  

  • demonstrates the functions available in the application,

  • at the same time, it indicates that its use is child's play
    and anyone can do it successfully,  

  • corresponds to the general campaign of the VOX brand "At home", refers to the freedom of choice
    and puts the user in the spotlight,  

  • is based on two variants: in one we design space with a specific recipient in mind
    - for example, about a family, a young couple or children. In the second variant, it focuses on what functions is to be performed by a specific room or their entire layout - whether it is to be a kitchen, dining room, or maybe a living room. A separate key visual was created for both lines.

As VOXBOX is an innovative tool on the Polish interior design market, we decided toadditionally support his communication by producing an instructional video based on the application itself.


In this way, we presented the potential consumer in a pictorial way of the tool's capabilities,
thus building the first associations with the tool . 

Scope of work

Thanks to our VOX brand campaign:

clearly presented the operation of the VOXBOX application,  

drew the attention of users to her tool,  

implemented a campaign about a new tool, consistent with the rest of its communication,  

through the campaign that immediately presented the "inside" of the application, it built the first recognition of its solution. 


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