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The client did not have anyone with HTML5 skills in their internal team, so they asked us to produce the animated banners for the campaign. Our task was to translate the KVs we received into storyboards and prepare the master HTML animations, and then the reformats in line with the media plan.

Scope of work

HTML5 banners

HTML mailing

static banners

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Piotr Supronowicz

Marketing Manager of Virgin Mobile

1000digital are a dream come true. Thanks to them, I can be sure that the materials for the online campaign will be ready on time… and will look amazing!

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A system speeding up production and approvals

Digital projects are our bread and butter. That's why, in order to meet tight deadlines while maintaining quality, we have created a range of processes and automations, as well as a proprietary tool – the application

specially designed to manage the production of materials for online campaigns,

has functions that allow us to significantly shorten the production time,

allows us to preview materials (including animated!) in the form

convenient links, thanks to which we do not clog the inbox,

allows you to submit and approve comments directly via

preview in the browser.

Project management made easy

We take care of the process,

you just approve each stage

Efficient and fast

Lower your ongoing costs

for specialists and save time

on management


Digital production

Banner campaigns, videos, mailings and more


We are your
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for digital production.

We specialize in it so your team

doesn't have to :)

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