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How do you become a digital agency's favourite client? ❤️

We usually tell you about how a digital production studio works. But when it comes to the production of banners for a digital campaign, both sides need to work together.

So this guide is all about you. What do you need to know before,

during and after the project?

📌 Before the project. Let the party begin!

Perhaps we don't know each other yet. Or maybe this is the first time you're outsourcing something to a digital agency/digital production studio and you don't know how to prepare for it? Luckily, we've got the answer! 😉

Starter pack. What do we have to do and when?

The media plan and the production plan form the basis of our work.

It's basically the starting point for action, and we're really keen to get it! 😉

Before starting work, we need to know exactly what we have to do. The best option is to arrange a chat with us.

This is when we'll find the answers to the following questions together:

👉 Which formats will we be preparing?

👉 When do the publishers need to receive them?

👉 If there are several creative lines – which formats should we prepare in which line?

👉 What will be the output files and when will we receive them from you?

A quick joint analysis like this will allow you to create a complete list of assets to be created by us, resulting in a detailed quote.

What's next? 🤔

Then we need to think about where to start the work.

Some things are more important than others. A bit about priorities

Our next task is jointly prioritizing the files to be produced.

💡 The priority assigned to a particular asset depends on its importance and display dates.

For example: a one-day flat fee ad must be ready on time, otherwise the slot will be lost.

If some files have the same priority, it's worth starting work with the easiest and least time-consuming ones – this means that the campaign will be guaranteed to start on time.

Priorities sorted? It's time to prepare a set of guidelines for the project.

What do we need to do the job?

To prepare the materials, we need to have some key information. You'll find this on our checklist.

📍 Checklist. What information should you send to the digital production studio?

· Brand book/guide book – crucial especially if this is our first time working together and your brand has a clearly defined colour palette, typography, photography style or rules for using the logo.

· Storyboard (STB) or key visual (KV) for the materials to be produced.

· Legal notice – if required in the creative.

· Technical specifications of particular publishers – this way, we'll know right away how to prepare the banners.

· Fonts used in creatives.

It's best to send the Key Visual for the campaign in a non-flattened PSD file, which gives us access to the layers of the image. However, try to make sure that the files aren't too large, so we don't waste time downloading and optimizing the materials. After all, you want the project to be completed as quickly as possible! 😉

So now we have a list of files arranged in order of priority and the necessary guidelines.

There's no turning back – it's time for the most important stage of work...

📌 During the project. Let's dance!

...actually, of cooperation, because the success of the project depends on both of us. 😉 So let's try to define our shared tasks.

The person you're calling is unavailable: communication in the project.

Projects, especially those with tight deadlines, require effective communication. We need your help and feedback so we know that everything is on track.

A quick response to emails and phone calls is really important to us (and you!), especially since...

...according to data from the Project Management Institute, poor communication is responsible for over half (56%) of failed projects.

We have a pro tip for you here. 💡 We know from experience that the best-run projects are the ones where we have a single point of contact on your side. It's this person who compiles all the comments and passes them to us.

Calendars on desks!

We always make every effort to meet the agreed deadline. We love it when the client also respects the deadlines and gets back to us quickly with feedback or revisions. It makes the work much more efficient! 😉

Let's do it another way. Or another way. Or...

So it's time for revisions. It's best to send these all at once: this ensures that we don't miss anything and we don't have to keep going back to make more changes.

It's worth checking the project from multiple angles with the help of the whole team. The list of comments can be sent to us by one person, as previously agreed.

Remember that changing elements that have already been approved is very time-consuming, so try to avoid this as much as possible. 🙂 However, we understand that emergencies happen and some things are beyond your control. We'll definitely deal with these together – at the end of the day, we're on the same side.

Revisions made, project handed over. Is this the end? Almost! 😉

📌 After the project. Will you dance with us again?

Now we wait for an evaluation. After all, we may work together on future projects, so it's worth learning lessons from our cooperation.

Will you help us develop?

Once the project is complete, you'll receive a survey from us. We'd really appreciate it if you could fill it in! 🙂 We look forward to all feedback! What should change in the way we work and what should stay the same? How can we improve project execution? Are you satisfied with the results?

Let us know what we can do even better.

Especially since we can also do it for you! 😉

What else can we help you with? 🙂

Every ending is a new beginning. The project has been handed over, but who said that it was our last contact? Feel free to let us know whenever you need our help – including in other types of projects. We're always open to new challenges!

📌 Working with a digital agency: a quick client guide

We've gone through all the stages of the project, now it's time for a summary.

How do you become a digital agency's favourite client?

· Contact us to go over the media plan/production plan. Let us know what we have to do and when, ideally during a chat with us.

· Let's prioritise the tasks together.

· Prepare and send us the necessary materials for the project, e.g. the Key Visual, brand book, and technical specifications.

· Remember that effective communication is the key to our shared success.

· Deadlines are sacred. Try to respect them, and when you know that there will be a change or delay, let us know (you can count on the same from us!) 🙂

· Try to send all project revisions at the same time at each of the stages, so we don't have to go back to previously approved elements later.

· Complete the survey and let us know what we could improve in our work.

· Keep us in mind for future projects!

Now all you have to do is contact us and tell us about your plans for the campaign! We look forward to hearing from you at:


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