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3D in HTML5 banners – is it possible?

In HTML banners, as well as standard text, graphics or video elements, you can use 3D elements.

3D will work well:

➡ in product-focused campaigns,

➡ when you want to present functions, colours, and accessories.

What does it give you?

👉 the option to view the product from all angles,

👉 the ability to show complex elements in an accessible way,

👉 the perfect eye-catcher,

👉 longer viewer retention through interaction.

When can you use 3D in an HTML banner?

Banners with 3D elements are custom banners:

➡ they need a bigger file size,

➡ and the ability to use a 3D file.

The publisher/ad server specifications must allow you to do this.

This is done using Display & Video 360, for example.

And if you can't, what then? ❌

There are workarounds 😉

Using images and video, you can create a pseudo-3D effect, which also allows you to achieve interesting results 😉

Need help with a digital campaign using HTML5 banners? 👇


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