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2 steps to outsourcing the production of banner campaign materials

Outsourcing your banner campaign materials – it sounds like a big deal, but it's one of the easiest tasks you can do to cut down your to-do list.

How do you go about it and why should you do it?

You need two things. Yes, only 2️⃣.

To outsource the production of banner campaign assets to a digital production studio, only two things are needed.

👉 A list of the formats to prepare.

👉 The materials on which these formats will be based.

Let's take a closer look at both points. 👇

1️⃣ A list of the formats

For small or "ASAP" campaigns or for single formats,

a list of the formats with a link to the specifications sent via email is enough. 📧

For larger campaigns,

you probably have a media plan. 📋 Or more specifically, a production plan.

This will serve as the list of formats for us to prepare. It contains essential information for the digital production studio, including:

  • names,

  • examples,

  • dimensions,

  • technical specifications,

  • display and delivery dates,

  • information about the ad server.

2️⃣ The base materials

When producing the assets for banner campaigns, we start by preparing the master.

In the case of static banners:

the master can be a 750 x 200 px banner showing the look and the messages we want to convey in the campaign.

In the case of HTML5 animated banners:

first, we create a storyboard, i.e. static frames showing the individual scenes of the animation. Based on this, we prepare the master HTML5 animation.

Do you have the master static banner or storyboard?

Great! These are all that's needed to produce the other campaign assets.

Just send them as a PSD or other file type (e.g. Figma, Adobe XD).

And if not, what then?

The masters can be created by the digital production studio.

They can be created based on, for example:

  • the Key Visual i.e. the main graphic of the campaign,

  • the press kit,

  • a TV spot or video on social media,

  • global materials,

  • photos or video from a shoot,

  • the brand book,

  • or other materials.

Based on these, a master tailored to the requirements and needs of the campaign will be created.

This will then be translated into all the other formats.

Is a storyboard always necessary for HTML5 animated banners? 🤔

No. For simple one-scene animations, there's no need to create one. For static banners, the master is enough.

Why should you outsource the production of digital materials?

As one client said, "I prefer to outsource it to you, as you'll get it done quickly and efficiently, rather than worrying about whether the internal team will find the time to do it."

For you, outsourcing the production of materials means:

  • ease – outsourcing only requires you to send two things to the digital production studio,

  • time saved on managing the production of materials,

  • a quick turnaround time,

  • a guarantee of the quality of the materials produced, regardless of the type of campaign (members of the team specialise in different formats),

  • the certainty that the materials will be delivered on time (reducing the risk of a capacity shortage),

  • the ability to assign members of the internal team to other projects, e.g. ones not involving work under time pressure,

  • technical support – you don't have to worry about the specifications and returns from the media agency.

Outsourcing the production of digital campaign materials – recap

📌 You only need two things to outsource the production of digital materials:

  • a list of the formats,

  • the materials on which these formats will be based.

The base materials can be the graphic design for the master banner (e.g. 750 x 200), the storyboard showing the animation scenes, or other materials you have.

And if in doubt, feel free to contact us. Together, we'll find a solution to your digital problems – even for campaigns that need to be done yesterday! 🙂


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