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Online campaign promoting the cooperation of the
Onet portal with
the Google Assistant

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OK Google: 
Ask Onet for news.

Portal Onet was the first among Polish publishers to offer recipients the possibility of using the new service: Google Assistant. The service allows you to operate the Internet using voice commands, in this case listening to 2-minute flashlights with Onet news . 

Our task

Our task was to prepare materials for an online campaign from scratch, making recipients aware that they can use the Google Assistant to read news from the Onet portal.


We had to prepare self-promotional materials for Google and for social media.

Onet connects the dots

Starting from the concept, through storyboards, animations and music selection, we have completed a project that responds to the client's needs. Additionally, the Instagram material was created, engaging Instagram users.

In the material, we presented a new function as an innovative service that perfectly fits into the lifestyle of the recipients. Thanks to the use of the language of benefits, users had the opportunity to notice the practical use of the Google Assistant.

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Magdalena Zakrzewska


The used metaphors from various fields of sport perfectly reflect the benefits of our city magazines, at the same time referring to the sports spirit of our company. The image campaign and the dedicated landing page met our expectations in terms of wide reach and reaching recipients. We met with positive feedback on the non-standard presentation of the warehouse developer's offer.

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A system speeding up production and approvals

Digital projects are our bread and butter. That's why, in order to meet tight deadlines while maintaining quality, we have created a range of processes and automations, as well as a proprietary tool – the application

specially designed to manage the production of materials for online campaigns,

has functions that allow us to significantly shorten the production time,

allows us to preview materials (including animated!) in the form

convenient links, thanks to which we do not clog the inbox,

allows you to submit and approve comments directly via

preview in the browser.

Project management made easy

We take care of the process,

you just approve each stage

Efficient and fast

Lower your ongoing costs

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