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Allegro Green Parcel Machines

We are particularly pleased with the implementation of these projects, which aim to improve the flexibility and convenience of their users. So we did not think for a second when the prospect of cooperation on the concept of Allegro parcel machines appeared on the horizon.


In addition, the concept of Allegro parcel machines assumes limiting their negative impact on the environment. This is done by planting plants around the machines – wherever possible. These plants should cover the entire machine within two years from planting, which will reduce the local heat island effect. In addition, Allegro equips machines with air quality sensors and guarantees origin for energy from renewable sources, such as wind or water, for the purposes of power supply.


The main challenge we faced was to design and create a visualization of parcel machines. At each stage of our work, we had to take into account both the idea behind the project and the practical functionality of the machines.


Space played a key role in the implementation of the project. We wanted the aesthetics of parcel machines to be universal and not to adversely affect the appearance of the area. We knew that the best solution would be minimalism and inspired by nature w duchu of the latest trends in design.

You can see the effect below:


The space, however, is very diverse and carries many barriers - the very design of the parcel machine was a drop in the ocean of needs. Already at the initial stage of works, we had to take into account both the issues related to restrictions in potential locations (garages, undergrounds, parking lots) and the possibility of developing living green areas.


In response to these challenges, we have prepared a manual for setting up vending machines and designed various variants of posts, vegetation and pots. We took into account incl. that the machine can be adjacent to a wall, situated in a representative neighborhood or in an area where access to the ground soil is limited.


The idea of creating an environmentally friendly parcel machine involves the need to design practical functions of the device.

The next stage of work was therefore to create an animation visualizing the mechanism of opening boxes.
​We have also prepared a design of stickers that inform users of vending machines that the works on planting vegetation are still in progress.

We proposed a simple message and a minimalist form:

Creating the perfect design for the parcel machine was a real challenge. In addition to the satisfaction with the work done, we are happy that we were able to contribute to the implementation of such a valuable idea.

Are you wondering what the implementation of this concept looks like in practice?

Check out a few photos below:

Our cooperation with Allegro is very dynamic, but at the same time inspiring and interesting. It is not without reason that we write that "is" and not "was" - we have more projects ahead of us, about which we will inform you soon!


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